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I love my dealer now but it wasn't so easy at first. My engine light came on in my old car and the Jeep dealer said it was going to cost a lot! Sue called me from Jeep Friends and showed me how I could get a new Jeep for what it was going to cost to fix my old car.
Masha D
I fly drones for a living. The first dealer I called just keep trying to sell me a car and not listen to what I needed for my business. I didn't want a truck but sometimes I need one. I email the Jeep advocate and he explained how a Cherokee would work for my business and personal life. Its great everything fits in my new Jeep
Greg O
Drone Pilot
Most computer programmers I know don't have a car and Uber. My girlfriend and I got tired of getting a ride wherever. I have some cash now and I think I'm a knowledgeable guy so I went to buy a car and all the sales people could do is try and sale me a car and didn't listen to a word I said. Jeep advocate call me and explain all of my options. We my girlfriend and I are happy with our Jeep Michael really helped me/us..
Steave M
Between setting up houses for sale and closing the deals I'm way to busy to go into a dealer I went to a local Jeep dealers website and they had all of the information on their website. I know, just info not a sales job.
Shera S
We just had a baby and all I needed was a replacement car that I could rely on. Everywhere I went they kept saying that a lease would be best. I really didn't understand how a lease worked and was really uncomfortable asking questions because the salesman was constantly trying to sell me the car instead of answering my questions. I talked to Terry from Jeep Friends and he answered all of my lease questions.
Greg R
Store Manager
My student loans are crazy and on a teachers salary I never thought I could get a new car and I worried all of the time about my old one breaking down. The Jeep advocate called me and never pressured me to buy a car she said that her job was to answer all of my questions that's all.
Steave T

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Don’t feel alone. Jeep Friends are Jeep brand advocate in place just to help you understand the issues around buying a car.

I want to buy a new sofa and chairs. Do I have to get my car fixed now? How can I pay for it? Is there another way?

I’m embarioused because I have no idea what they were taling about when I called the dealer. The Jeep Friends Advocate explained it. 

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