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Selling and Servicing Jeeps is a Social Event


My Mom Helped Get My Jeep

The Jeep Advocate Michael B walked my mom and I through the steps on how I could finance my Jeep.

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Don't Sell Me Lifestyle

Everytime we went online to look at new Jeeps we would get a lot of calls from salespeople telling what we needed to do? Michael help us figure it all out.


What About Service?

I didn't know what the finance guy was talking about "extended warranty"? The Jeep advocate lady help me understand .


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Don't Sell, Support, Question, Inquire, Communicate

Michael B
Michael B
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I take my job very seriously most people have no idea how to get the information they need when buying a Jeep, new or used. The questions I getmay sound simple but if you have never bought a car or its your first one.
1.	Josh W
1. Josh W
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I had a poor experience with a jeep dealer. I was going to buy a wrangler and had it all lined up. As I was going in to finalize it, they sold it to someone else. I contacted my Jeep Friends advocate and they found a replacement immediately at another local dealer and made sure that they held it for me.
Siara R
Siara R
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Jeepfriends is great! They helped me find a classic jeep that I would have never found otherwise! I don’t really know how too search those channels and they made it easy.
David B
David B
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I do a lot of work on older jeeps as a hobby and sometimes it is hard to find parts locally. Jeepfriends is there when I need to find something out of the ordinary. They have really helped me out of a lot of binds when it comes to parts.
Janette P
Janette P
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I am leaving this review because Jeepfriends stopped me from making a horrible decision. I was going to buy a particular year Cherokee that I liked, but I had no idea that the year I had in mind had some bad reviews in certain areas. Thank god I talked to my Jeep advocate and he suggested that I get the year before which didn’t have that problem and was more affordable. That decision would have affected me for years, THANK YOU JEEPFRIENDS!

Jeep Brand Advocacy

We offer lifestylE and community


I'm Micheal B, how was your visit?

Jeep Advocate @ Jeep Friends

I am your Jeepfriends associate, here to help you with your buying experience. Jeepfriends is an independent jeep brand network designed to make sure Jeep dealers provide the absolute best experience possible. I am here to receive any feedback you might have and provide you with anything you might need from the Jeepfriends family. Please click the “contact me” link to the left to get in touch with us.

Have a wonderful Jeep Day!

I'm Tom, I wasn't that happy about the dealer..


I love Jeeps, I have always loved Jeeps, but my local dealer is very inattentive to it’s customers. I honestly can’t believe how these guys are still in business if their sales guys don’t return customers calls. I had been trying to get someone to help me there for weeks when I actually got in the market for a new wrangler, but they made it impossible. Luckily for Jeep as a brand, I saw Jeepfriends and turned to them in my frustration. They got me an appointment same day with another small jeep dealer near me I had no idea was there. I got my wrangler and am as happy as can be now. Thank you Jeepfriends!

Young Man At Mountain Top

I'm Dana, hey kept calling me and texting me..

Living Life Girl

I love hiking but I hate buying a car. I am very bad at talking with dealers, well salespeople, it really stresses me out. I have looked around the internet and tried to do my research, but it is all like Greek to me. Out of all the brands I had looked at, Jeep seems to be the only one with a service like Jeepfriends. As soon as I found them, they just walked me right through the whole prosses and took all the stress off of me. I highly recommend Jeepfriends for anyone who isn’t a car person like me. I only regret that I did not find this service sooner to help with my previous car purchases.

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Every Customer is Important, Don't lose any!

Don’t let any of your leads slip through the cracks. Here at Jeepfriends we are experts at making disappointed customers happy again and turning them back towards the brand. In our short time in operation we have recovered many customers for our clients. We make the process of buying a car or parts friendly and inviting to even the most auto-impaired people.

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We’ve built a network of part manufacturers, dealers; all centered around the Jeep brand. This platform will grant you accessibility to third party offers, parts discounts and support regarding service issues. No longer will you need to jump from website to website hunting down scattered or unreliable information to find a solution to your Jeep needs.