This is your rate at your minimum down and max loan period. It is the highest interest rate you will pay for your loan on most vehicles.

Rate is based on your credit history, your down payment, the length of loan and the vehicle being purchased. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible, while providing information that is meaningful to you. There may be some vehicles in our inventory with higher rates.



Minimum down payments can vary by vehicle and are non-negotiable. This is the lowest down payment you have been approved for on any of our cars. Which cars? View them here

Down payment too high? Some options to help lower your down payment include trading in your vehicle with Carvana (positive trade credit will be applied to your down payment) or using better terms you received from your local bank or credit union which can be applied to your Carvana purchase.



Maximum length available for your loan. Your loan period can be shortened but keep in mind that this may increase your monthly payments.

Spreading out your loan over a longer term will lower your monthly payment, but will increase the total amount you pay over the life of the loan. The personalized terms you receive from Carvana are valid for 45 days.